New Office Solutions can assist you with your hiring needs.  We know that you need to attract, hire and retain top talent, by selecting us to assist you in accomplishing this is just the first step.  We can become your search firm that makes the recruitment process more effective, efficient, manageable, and rewarding.

First, we understand your culture, policies, and procedures to ascertain the correct fit.  We do not look at the skill set you are looking for; we find the RIGHT candidate that fits your culture.  We do this by collaborating with your entire hiring manager and HR staff to understand the job and skills needed and the personalities of all stakeholders to ensure we find the right person.  Second, we will interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and personality match our client’s position and culture.  Once we accomplish our process, we present a finalist for consideration.

We maintain a commitment to high performance and industry knowledge.  We emphasize confidentiality, ethical business practices, and professional standards for our clients and candidates.  Let us help you find your next candidate.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.